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On one fine day, a hilarious evening studio class! As the poster says "studio story" I'll start with studio and go somewhere else XD This Nightmare happened in my 1st year. We had a professor BRS, well knowledged but he used to be lost in his own world of Architecture theory that we never understood. That day we all were asked to submit a research paper on his class, we everyone submitted it at time doing some shit feared of his kind behavior still he had something to surprise us that time by asking the groups to present it individually on his cabin. Things went well for the first few groups till we came to discuss, the gang of almighty. That Cabin was as threatening as him, every corner with a depressingstory filled meanwhile He started inquiring about the works we did in an order, ranting that all people copied from internet simply. The session went really serious with that dead silence as we all had to collect infos by referring book, though we didn’t but lying to him. Me standing beside my trippy friend Ayyappa was questioned by him "Ayyappa, where you got all this informations from?" .With his slow deep voice my friend "From Internet Sir". We all laughing out loud, ROFL XD forgetting that we all had an critical discussion there, was an unforgettable funny moments and we got punishment too by standing face the wall later. It’s still a nightmare for me that how we laughed that time with that confidence! P.S. me smiling while writing this, my mom staring at me thinking something else XD DeadEnd


(PS.This is not a story), ARCHITECTS NEED A DECENT PAY. Its too bad already that we spend so much money and time on the course, its high time we get paid accordingly.

Zoned out

It's the time of my first design exam. I had a habit of talking to myself. In the middle of exam i started blabbering to myself and there's one proff she thought that i was talking to the people around. She told me to get out of the class during the exam because of that but i was so zoned out that i didn't even realise what's happening and her taking my name or anything. After the exam ended i was so shocked when my friend told me that this all happened.

Improvise . Adapt . Overcome

This was a last minute strategy or a crazy thing we did just before final Jury. The design was good nothing extraordinary, sheets were simple and decent, and there was a slight nervousness of being heckled by the Juror infront of whole class and some juniors. So, just as the juror arrived in the room, we were already waiting near his seat, staring at the sheets and model , and very calmly one of us said "koi gadha hi hoga jise ye design pasand nahi aayegi" (only donkey would dislike this design and work). Another one softly but loud enough to make everyone hear said " pata nahi yaar, aaj kal architects acha kaam aur ache presentation me difference nahi samajhte". We continued this senseless talk for few more minutes. To our collective surprise, juror ended up praising the work and somehow even praised the boy who did it. Despite of many flaws in design, along with a missing North. We pulled off this last moment stunt and hence IMPROVISED . ADAPTED . OVERCAME

The Tendencies

Architecture studios have been a lot of things for me, but most importantly a mirror. Showing me my progress or downfall, a mirror which reflected truth at every point, specially when it came to differences between each and everyone. Coming from a middle class family, it's fairly difficult to keep up with everyday expenses and the lifestyle which takes over the architecture students, expensive materials, printouts, late night pizza and evening snacks while group works and many more. It does affect everyone, what troubles me is that joining salary of an usual architect is somewhere between 7k to 20k, and if you think rationally this salary isn't even enough to provide food on table and water in taps. And we students spend like Harvard final year students with placement letters in our hand. Over tha last 3 years of my student life, I have realised that I am nothing special, no firm is specifically searching for me. My mind thinks just like the other 50% of the architects out there. So I have developed this tendency of doing my tasks/works with utmost precision and efforts. If there's a work, I am not sure if mine will be the most unique or most innovative, but I am damn sure mine will be most appropriate and most articulated. The things which keeps me in this like of work, are my TENDENCIES.

The Pandemic Chronicles

It was June 2021, amidst the lockdowns and piling submissions thrown at us from a 6" screen, we were almost 14 sheets behind the bare minimum requirement to pass the construction technology subject (BCT/BTM). One night while playing some online game with my batchmates and few seniors, we came to a conclusion that it was far beyond impossible FOR US to comple all the sheets comprising drawings of Vault, Door Window, Partition walls and False Ceiling. We tried everything, from photoshop to autodesk sketchbook, from changing name in format to adding pencil texture to the cad drawing (which we picked from cadbull). The night was full of mental breakdowns to high value thoughts, from imagining myself studying same things with juniors to becoming a celebrity architect and changing the whole education system. Just around 8am, few hours before final submission it occured to me that faculties can't fail me if they can't see my sheets. The idea was to show that work has been submitted on Google Classroom and there's some technical error and they can't see it. I created a corrupted file by simply clicking a pic on phone, and saving it in pdf extension (simply renaming the pic to submission.pdf) and submitted the file. And so did my other 7 mates. Just to make it look a bit less suspicious, I asked few people who have submitted the whole work to also submit this file just as a prank. Faculties after noticing the same black unsupported file in almost 25 submissions, came to a conclusion that students are supposed to submit the hardcopy on a designated date. And to our relief that date was 4 weeks later. Enough to make Glass copy of each sheet. It was that day when I passed the semester, saved my 2 years and career ahead in architecture field. Looking back I realise, how small actions can have such big ripples of impact on life.

my journey

i start my story from

My ghost story

There is a saying that death is not an excuse in architecture,well it's so true. Once there's was a time when I did all my plans, elevations ,section,views everything of my design,but you know what , it was all a dream 😜
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