Guide to Planning Urban Parks: Approach, Strategies, and Steps

“Architecture and city planning has an enormous impact on patterns of life in the city. Yes, we form the cities, […]

Multisensory Architecture

“Architecture is the art of reconciliation between ourselves and the world, and this mediation takes place through the senses” - […]

5 Types Of Temporary Architecture: Material, Construction, And Uses

“Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles” advised Charlie Chaplin, once upon a time. Why is this […]

8 Low-Cost Building Materials: Construction and Application

Architects meet and design for clients with unique needs, and visions for their projects. One aspect that clients are particular […]

5 Best Daylighting Techniques for Building in Architecture

What is the world without light? There are various sources of light but natural sunlight is no doubt the most […]

Parametric Architecture - Softwares, Materials, and Examples

Have you ever come across a parametric form and wondered how the architect developed fluidic and complex geometry? Let’s look […]

4 Types of Waterfront Design in Architecture With Examples

As you walk by a bridge that snakes along a river, you spot a majestic, white building in the distance.  […]

Basics Of Calculating Detailed Estimate For Buildings

Estimation and specification can be a difficult topic in the field of architecture and construction. But understanding the whats and […]

Sustainable Ventilation Techniques in Architecture

Cross-ventilation, windows, and fans are all terms we frequently associate with when ventilation is discussed. When the thermal comfort in […]

Indoor Plants- Types, Advantages, and Methods

Getting in touch with nature has its benefits because humans are known to have an innate instinct to connect with […]

9 Types of Estimation in Architecture and Their Purpose

The most important part of any design project is cost estimation. After all, the scope of the design and what […]

User Centric Design Process and Principles

For a child, a classroom is a place of wonder where they can meet and play with their friends. It’s […]

Nari Gandhi - Philosophies and Works

Breaking the conventional process of an architect, Nari Gandhi worked on site as the construction progressed, allowing his ideas to […]

Passive Strategies For Humid And Rainy Climate

Tropical regions, especially in the south-west and north-east regions of India have always received high amounts of rainfall. One huge […]

The Line, Saudi Arabia - Design Features and Aim

Imagine a utopian world with a heightened living experience, but not at the cost of the surrounding nature. Civilization has […]

7 Ways to Use Terracotta in Buildings With Examples

Literally translating to “baked earth,” terracotta is a versatile material that can be used in different parts of a building […]

Biophilic Architecture Principles and Examples

Have you ever thought about why some people like to keep a succulent on their desk? Or place flower vases […]

7 Famous Indian Architectural Styles

Take note of the rich architectural heritage spread across various time periods and regions in India. Influenced by religion, tradition, […]

Achyut Kanvinde- His Works And Philosophies

The arrival of Modern architecture paved the way for revolutionary architects such as Le Corbusier, I.M. Pei, and Walter Gropius. […]

8 Sustainable Vernacular Materials in India

Sensitivity toward the environment - one of the key responsibilities that we have as an architect, can be achieved by […]

Glass as a Building Material - Applications and Advantages

Modern architecture is characterised by geometric form, blank facades, and white exteriors. However, a salient feature of modern architecture is […]

7 Latest Sustainable Building Techniques in Architecture

Just like every other field out there, it is important for the architecture and construction sector to also evolve and […]

Prefabricated Architecture - Advantages, Materials, and Methods

Time and money are interrelated factors in architecture. If construction time is reduced, the cost of labour, hired machinery etc. […]

7 Methods To Reduce Energy Consumption In Buildings

Planting vegetation and building climate responsive structures are important aspects to consider while designing a building which has less impact […]

What is a Setback? Purpose and Methods to Calculate

In the architecture course, there's no way you would not have heard the word 'setback'. Setback refers to the space […]

Ken Yeang and His Take on Ecological Architecture

Architect Ken Yeang realized in the middle of a project that the building they were designing looked nothing more than […]

7 Sustainable Lighting Techniques For Buildings

Has lighting come across your mind while talking about sustainability? Sustainable lighting design is one of the easiest and most […]

IM Pei: Famous Works and Philosophies

IM Pei is known for his distinctive and bold ideologies. With several controversial designs and a Pritzker prize, he is […]

Ferrocement: Application, and Advantages in Architecture

Recently in the architecture field, you might have noticed that ferrocement, as a building material, has been gaining popularity. Ferrocement […]

Step By Step Guide To Designing Landscapes

Landscapes are an extremely important part of every design project. It not only enhances our design, but also defines the […]

Laurie Baker's 9 Low-Cost Construction Techniques Manual

The potential of Baker’s work over the years of his stay in Kerala, tending to the people's design needs, regardless […]

Raj Rewal's Famous Works and Philosophy

Raj Rewal is a leading Indian Architect known for his smart blend of vernacular and modern architecture. His designs have […]

4 Uses of Jali and What Materials to Use

If you want a passive solution that allows ample natural light and ventilation into a building's interiors, jalis might be […]

6 Types of Cement and Their Applications in Architecture

Cement is one of the most widely used building materials in the construction industry. It is usually mixed with water, […]

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as Sustainable Material

Although the change is extremely slow, it's welcoming news that people are now looking for more sustainable options for their […]

Rammed Earth Wall Construction - Sustainable Material

Construction using rammed earth has already been done for centuries by several civilizations. And in recent years, this building material […]

7 Public Open Space Design Strategies

Public plazas are often considered to be the "living room" of a city. They not only provide a resting space […]

Acoustic Rating Systems - NRC, STC, and IIC Explained

Choosing the right acoustic material can get tricky at times. Each acoustic material has its own unique property it can […]

4 Active Methods to Fire-proof a Building

Fire-proofing a building is extremely important since every year, thousands of buildings are lost to fire accidents. Taking a few […]

Understanding Building Acoustics Design - Sound Waves

Most people spend quite a hefty sum of money trying to alter their existing spaces to make them acoustically bearable. […]

8 Passive Fire-proofing Methods in Architecture

Fire-proofing a building reduces damage to life and property by either preventing it or keeping it from spreading. There are […]

9 Types of Brick Bonds in Architecture

Bricks are one of the most common and popular choices of materials for construction. There are numerous ways in which […]

12 Design Strategies For Contoured Sites in Architecture

In a natural landscape, a human being can be an intruder. It is important to realize that design must be […]

4 Methods to Design Flood-Resistant Buildings

Floods can be caused by various factors- heavy rains, breakage of dams, overflowing of water bodies etc. In India, thousands […]

4 Methods to Achieve Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Buildings are built to withstand gravity and the vertical forces thrusted upon it. But during an earthquake, seismic waves are […]

Easy Method to Read a Contour Map in Architecture

While performing the site analysis, we also derive the site contours. But often, they get forgotten somewhere in the design […]

Simple Method to Read Sun Path Diagrams in Architecture

As an architecture student, being able to read sun path diagrams is an absolute necessity. Designing projects for a tropical […]

How to Read Psychrometric Chart for Architecture

We know that HVAC plays a significant role in the comfort of a built environment. We also know that it’s […]

Bjarke Ingels: Famous Buildings and His Design Philosophy

Bjarke recounts being questioned about the reason architecture has become so boring, and how the past had so much more […]

11 Factors to Consider While Designing a Landscape

Landscaping involves enhancing the appearance and practicality of outdoor space- not just filling the remaining areas around buildings with rows […]

Architecture and Productivity - Sick Building Syndrome

Have prolonged periods of staying inside a building made you feel uncomfortable or sick? Or have you noticed a major […]

Top 3 Energy Rating Systems in India - GRIHA, LEED and IGBC

Energy is consumed by a building in all stages of its life cycle- whether it is during its initial construction […]

9 Sustainable Building Methods - Net-Zero Energy Building

When you want to design a sustainable low-cost building, you wonder how far you can go to maximize the energy-saving […]

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) Calculation Guide and Advantages

At least once in our lives, we have regretted buying something purely as a result of attractive offers offering cheaper […]

7 Types Of Passive Building Cooling Systems Without AC

In a country with a hot, humid and dry climate such as India, some form of cooling system is required […]

9 Sustainable Roofing Methods For Your Building Design

When designing buildings for sustainability, we create naturally ventilated facades and use local renewable materials. We leave roofing to the […]

7 Sustainable Roofing Materials for Your Roof Design

When a building is designed, the roof is mostly given the least priority in terms of design and material innovation. […]

Zaha Hadid: Famous Buildings and Her Modern Philosophy

Almost every modern and postmodern style of architecture strived for a more minimal and sustainable approach- and rightly so. But […]

What is Anthropometric Design in Architecture? A Guide

Buildings are subconsciously built to fit our scale in order to accommodate our needs comfortably. But we often hear about […]

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Formula and Calculation Guide

When starting a site analysis, it’s important to look into the local building by-laws of the city or location. The […]

9 Spatial Organization Principles to Follow While Designing

When we begin zoning the spaces to fit the needs and environment of the site, it gets easy to end […]

10 Water Efficiency Methods For Green Building Design

In most of our design projects, when it concerns water efficiency, we add a rainwater harvesting system and a couple […]

8 Green Urban Design Strategies - Agricultural Urbanism

The heart of any city is where a majority of its population lives. Contrarily, outskirts are where the majority of […]

12 Passive Design Strategies for Cold Climate Architecture

When working on a site situated in a cold climate, it’s important that the thermal and other environmental comfort is […]

Laurie Baker And His Low-Cost Brick Construction Style

Known as the Gandhi of Architecture, Lawrence Wilfred "Laurie" Baker was very different from the other colleagues of his time. […]

12 Passive Cooling Strategies for Hot Climate Architecture

When we design a building, it is our duty is to create a space that consumes the least amount of […]

Is Arcology The Future of Urban Planning? Examples

Every day, we wake up to the food on our table with no consideration as to how or where it […]

Le Corbusier - 5 Points of Architecture and Projects

Becoming the pioneer of the modern movement meant changing the way architecture was perceived. Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris was a Swiss architect […]

7 Inclusive Design Principles and Examples in Architecture

If we enter a space and are met with these impractical designs that don't aid our everyday needs, we would […]

Modern, International, and Contemporary Architecture

If you’re a part of the architecture and design community, the words "modern", "contemporary"  and "international" would be a frequent […]

5 Types of Circulation In Architecture with Examples

We’ve all probably experienced getting lost in a jumble of staircases and corridors at some point in our lives. And […]

Why Colour is Important for Designers

Imagine walking into a swimming pool complex which is painted in shades of red rather than the usual blue. A […]

9 Sustainable Architecture Methods For Your Design

None of us can deny that sustainability plays an important role in building design. As the desperation for a better […]

Site Analysis in Architecture : A Step-by-Step Guide

Every design project begins with a site analysis and then moves on to the concept. Identifying the needs on the […]

Biomimicry - Definition, Features and Examples

While doing an architectural project, it’s not new to architects and students to choose concepts related to nature. Architects dating […]

10 Innovative Sustainable Materials in Architecture

If you're a part of the architectural community, the word "sustainability" definitely might not be something new.  But how exactly […]

5 Factors To Help You Develop a Concept For Design

On the design studio days when a new project brief is introduced, we end up wondering, how do I develop […]
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